Hello, thanks for looking at my website.

I'm Wendy. I grew up in South London, married a farmer in Warwickshire at the tender age of 19 and here we are 16 years later with 3 children who have between them 30 hens, 1 cockerel, 2 pigs, 3 ducks and the family dog.

I have developed a passion for roses, particularly David Austin roses.

My photographs have all been taken here on our farm and hopefully capture some of the nice bits of life in the country. What you can't see is the mud, hay and straw that finds its way into our home (I'm not sure whether to blame the kids, husband or dog!), the cows in our garden when they shouldn't be, or the cockerel crowing at 5 am!

Just don't imagine that life in the country is always a bed of roses!

I hope you enjoy the images,

Wendy. .

All images copyright © Wendy Gardner 2009.